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Press Release May 11, 2009    


SAN FRANCISCO (Rethinking AIDS) May 11, 2009 — A major scientific dispute over AIDS science is threatening to hit the national radar, but not if John Moore can help it. The crusading professor from Cornell University is determined to have any mention that there is scientific dissent over the traditional views of AIDS silenced. He and several of his colleagues signed a letter saying they were "quoted out of context" in a new documentary film by Brent Leung- before they had even seen the film! They came to their conclusion simply by watching the film's trailer (available at

Leung spent two years interviewing all of the important heavies in AIDS science and apparently has let them undermine and destroy the prevailing paradigm — in their own words — based on reports of those who have seen the film.

The film has a very high technical quality. Leung, a Canadian film maker, created the film on his own and financed it from private sources. The film is making its way through the film festival circuit, with its next showing June 13th at the Dead Center Film Festival in Oklahoma City.

John Moore has appointed himself head cheerleader in encouraging the media to censor any criticism or discussion of the mainstream AIDS thesis — that an easily testable, sex-communicated virus called HIV that always causes a fatal disease called AIDS that requires mitigation by toxic medications. AIDS rethinkers - who Moore refers to as "AIDS denialists" — have questioned and spoken out regarding many aspects of this thesis that they believe are weak or scientifically unfounded. And with this new film 'House of Numbers' the dike is about to break.

Moore has been bullying and threatening those who speak out against the AIDS theory for years. Here are two of Moore's statements: "We will crush all notable denialists, but we will disregard the foot soldiers because they are not worthy of our time." and "This is a war, there are no rules, and we will crush you, one at a time, completely and utterly."

Moore bragged he was responsible for the firing of Dr. Rebecca Culshaw who after spending ten years in AIDS research as a grad student and post doc realized there was no science behind current AIDS theory. She quit AIDS research and wrote the book 'Science Sold Out.' A campaign initiated by Moore resulted in her termination from her job as an assistant prof at University of Texas.

It remains to be seen how long Moore and his colleagues can keep plugging their fingers into the dike. Don't miss getting a copy of 'House of Numbers' when it is released and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Correction: We got the story wrong about John Moore bragging that he was responsible for firing Dr. Rebecca Culshaw. In July, 2007 John  Moore and Mark Wainberg complained, in an article in Canada's Globe &  Mail newspaper, that although they had lobbied for her removal, that  the provost and vice-president had denied their request.

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Rethinking AIDS: The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis ("RA" or "the Group") was formed in 1991 to express the concerns of a growing number of renowned scientists and medical doctors about HIV research and the resulting human rights abuses. In 1995, by a letter published in Science, the Group called for a thorough reappraisal of the existing evidence for and against the HIV/AIDS hypothesis and recommended that critical epidemiological studies be undertaken.

Among RA's founders and key members are University of Toronto professor emeritus and former cancer researcher Dr. Etienne de Harven; Harvard microbiologist Dr. Charles Thomas; 1993 Nobel laureate for chemistry Dr. Kary Mullis; Nature/Biotechnology co-founder Dr. Harvey Bialy; University of California at Berkeley molecular biologist Dr. Peter Duesberg and the late Yale mathematician Dr. Serge Lang, both members of the National Academy of Sciences; physicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos of the Royal Perth Hospital in Australia; and Glasgow University professor emeritus of public health and World Health Organization consultant Dr. Gordon Stewart.

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