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Introduction to the Gallo Document

Version 1.4.1: September 27, 2006.

Our analysis of the Gallo et al document attacking the Celia Farber article in the March, 2006 issue of Harpers magazine is broken down into the following sections. In each file a quotation from the Farber article is marked as “Farber”, the entire text of the Gallo document is marked as “Gallo” and our response is marked as “RA” (Rethinking AIDS). When we supply a section of references they are marked “Refs.”:

The Gallo Document(s)

We have discovered four versions of the Gallo document on the internet, dated March 3rd, March 4th, March 22nd and March 25th. The last two are marked “Final”. We have not analyzed the differences, however the two ‘final’ versions included the following note:
Correction History [for Gallo et al]

3 March 2006: First public version. Sent to Harper's.
4 March 2006:
Modified (37;3) "Nevirapine remains an important antiretroviral medicine whose risks outweigh its benefits." to "Nevirapine remains an important antiretroviral medicine whose benefits outweigh its risks."
(b) Modified Bruce Mirken affiliation.
5-25 March: references standardised and typing errors corrected. Thank you to Sister Mary Elizabeth of AEGiS for assisting with these changes. This version is final.

We have not modified the four files linked above except the first file includes the number of each of their comments.

Rethinking AIDS Responds to the 56 ‘Errors’

Note: A consolidated version (responses to all claims on one web page) is also available.

  • Introduction to the Gallo Document
  • Item #1: Pregnancy and False Positive HIV Tests
  • Item #2: “Outer limits of bearable toxicity”
  • Item #3: Is the Death of One Person Relevant?
  • Item #4: HIV Antibodies in Babies
  • Item #5: Problems with HIV Tests
  • Item #6: Comparing Clinical Trial PACTG 1022 to HIVNET 012
  • Item #7: Are reports of PACTG 1022 Sinister?
  • Item #8: Comparing Clinical Trial PACTG 1022 to HIVNET 012
  • Item #9: Is it Okay That the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Takes Money from the Nevirapine Manufacturer?
  • Item #10: The Definition of AIDS in Africa
  • Item #11: Does HIV, not Poverty, Predict Progression to AIDS in Africa?
  • Item #12: Are HIV Tests Widely Used in Africa?
  • Item #13: Tropical Diseases and False Positive HIV Tests
  • Item #14: African HIV/AIDS Statistics
  • Item #15: Who Benefits from Clinical Trials?
  • Item #16: Is Jonathan Fishbein Qualified to Comment on HIVNET 012?
  • Item #17: Nevirapine Rejected by Canada…Twice
  • Item #18: Did HIVNET 006 Lower Viral Load?
  • Item #19: 4 of 22 Infants Died in HIVNET 006. Is this a Problem?
  • Item #20: HIVNET 012 Protocol Changes
  • Item #21: HIVNET 012: Phase II or Phase III?
  • Item #22: HIVNET 012 Not Placebo Controlled
  • Item #23: Hopkins Medical News Hyping Nevirapine?
  • Item #24: Farber’s Description of HIVNET 012
  • Item #25: HIVNET 012 Participants Also in a Vitamin A Trial
  • Item #26: Was the IOM Report Biased?
  • Item #27: IOM Report Writers Received NIH Grant Funding
  • Item #28: Maternal Nevirapine Proven in ‘Multiple Studies’?
  • Item #29: Valendar Turner, Nevirapine and Placebo
  • Item #30: Nevirapine and a Study with 561 People
  • Item #31: Vitamin A and HIV Transmission Rates
  • Item #32: BW 002 Study of AZT
  • Item #33: Problems with Original AZT Studies
  • Item #34: Why was BW 002 Aborted?
  • Item #35: Was ddI Approved without a Clinical Trial?
  • Item #36: Was Indinavir Approved Without a Clinical Trial?
  • Item #37: Are Clinical Trials Improving with Time?
  • Item #38: How Does AZT Work?
  • Item #39: Does HIV Cause Disease by Killing CD4 Immune Cells?
  • Item #40: Does HIV Fulfil Koch’s Postulates for AIDS?
  • Item #41: 4,000 AIDS Cases without HIV?
  • Item #42: Is HIV Active in the Bodies of AIDS Patients?
  • Item #43: Can HIV be Isolated Without ‘Reactivating’ Latent Copies?
  • Item #44: Antibodies Mean Immunity…Except for HIV?
  • Item #45: Does ‘Viral Load’ Measure Live Virus?
  • Item #46: The HIV Latency Period (Time Before AIDS Develops)
  • Item #47: Does HIV Spread Randomly? Should it?
  • Item #48: Remote Cell ‘Suicide’ (Apoptosis)
  • Item #49: Genetic Immunity to HIV
  • Item #50: Does HIV Kill T-Cells?
  • Item #51: HIV Does Not Kill Chimpanzees
  • Item #52: Non-HIV Causes for AIDS
  • Item #53: HIV and Holocaust ‘Denialism’
  • Item #54: Scurvy as a Parallel to HIV/AIDS?
  • Item #55: The Reappraiser’s Petition
  • Item #56: Does AIDS Drug Toxicity Cause AIDS?
  • Other Opinions

    Opinions from other people on the Celia Farber article and the Gallo document are also archived here:


    This content of this web document was prepared by the following (listed in alphabetical order of first name):

    • Christian Fiala, MD, Gynaecologist at the General Public Hospital, Korneuburg, Austria and Mulago Hospital/Makerere, Kampala, Uganda.
    • David Crowe, HBSc (Biology/Mathematics). President, Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society.
    • David Rasnick, PhD, Biochemist, Protease Inhibitor Developer.
    • Etienne de Harven, MD, Emeritus Professor of Pathology, University of Toronto. An expert on viruses, with many publications to his credit.
    • Henry Bauer, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Scientific Exploration, Dean Emeritus of Arts and Sciences, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Science Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    • Ken Anderlini, HIV-positive, co-moderator of AIDS Myth Exposed.
    • Kevin Corbett, RN, PhD, Senior Research Fellow in Health Care, Liverpool John Moores University.
    • Martin Maloney.
    • Robert Houston, Science Writer.

    We appreciate the assistance of:

    • Bryan Owen, Rethinking AIDS Webmaster.
    • Celia Farber, Journalist.
    • Frank Lusardi.
    • Siggi Duesberg.

    The web pages were edited by David Crowe. Please contact him if you discover any errors, or have suggestions for updates.

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