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henry h bauer

October 7, 2013Jason Erb on Truth Frequency Radio interviews Henry H. Bauer.

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August 25, 2013Jason Erb on Truth Frequency Radio interviews Peter Duesberg.


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Goodbye AIDS The French edition of Science Sold Out
by Rebecca Culshaw
Goodbye AIDS Goodbye AIDS
by Maria Papagiannidou St-Pierre
Ten Lies about AIDS Ten Lies About AIDS
by Etienne De Harven, M.D.
and Jean-Claude Roussez

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Rethinking AIDS Medical Professionals List
Doctors and health professionals willing to work
with HIV-positive people without pressure
to take anti-retroviral medications

November 2013 — "The Gutierrez case has the potential to remap the landscape of HIV testing and prosecution in the United States military. With any luck, we will soon see the end of HIV test results being used as a basis to convict a serviceman for aggravated assault."


September 2013Joan Shenton has announced the launch of a new version of the Immunity Resource Foundation website, which now includes a blog and a news page and welcomes contributions. Mo Aziz — of vitamin D "Prescribing Sunshine" fame — will be co-administrator of the new site. The site includes many videos and full downloadable PDF archives of Continuum magazine.

These three subjects have these things in common:
  • No one can produce an authentic specimen.
  • All the evidence for their existence is anecdotal and based on human testimony.
  • Dedicated and ingenious quests have failed to locate an authentic specimen.
  • Nevertheless, their existence is attested by a cult of true believers.

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DATE: June 10, 2013
FROM: Helen Lauer, Ph.D.
TO: BBC World Service
SUBJECT: HIV analysis using electron microscopy
Dear Worldservice,

This morning May 31, 2013, I listened with great attention to the interesting segment on HIV detection and analysis using electron microscopy in your Science in Action programme. I was surprised however to realise that your interviewee failed to reveal the actual scientific state of opinion about the application of electron microscopy to HIV analysis...

Yours loyally,

H. Lauer, Ph.D.
University of Ghana        Continue Reading...

Stricken Heroine Rethinkers Died from Toxic Drugs, Not AIDS
Christine Maggiore, Karri Stokely, Maria Papagiannidou

by Martin K. Barnes and Torsten Engelbrecht

The evidence is clear that Christine, Maria, Karri were NOT killed by 'HIV' or by AIDS, but 'HIV+' should not be routinely ignored as always meaningless, though it may well be caused by vaccination, pregnancy, African ancestry, or other non-health-threatening condition. We urge current clinical practitioners to become informed of the increasing body of research showing serious dangers of long term use of anti-viral medication. Read more...

christian_fiala_003.jpgJanuary 2013An interview with Dr. Christian Fiala, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

" indicates that science has turned into something like a religion, where opinions are perceived to be a threat if they don't follow the currently held beliefs and if they don't represent political correctness. So what we need to understand is that science is not truth, it is one system, one belief system that helps us to understand reality, and like any other belief system, it has mistakes and we need to understand the functioning and try to make the best out of it, without taking it for the absolute truth."
Celia FarberAn interview with Celia Farber, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

"...What we are up against is a gargantuan, multi-billion dollar infrastructure...but you have to just be Sisyphus, and keep pushing the rock up the hill, and letting it roll down again...there's no other choice, the only other option is to just turn around and walk away, but we obviously know what we know, so it's too late to do that."
Jad AdamsAn interview with Jad Adams, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

"...What it all boiled down to in the end was two men in a room, deciding what history was. As a historian, that is really offensive...It was not actually what had happened, it was horse-trading about what they  could agree had happened, for political reasons."
neville_hodgkinson_003.jpgAn interview with Neville Hodgkinson, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

"...if you're told that you are HIV-positive, it's a most terrible witch-doctor's bone being pointed at you, and often the curse of being told that you are HIV-positive has killed in itself because people give up and die."
Eleni EleopulosAn interview with Perth Group members Eleni Eleopulos and Dr. Val Turner, excerpted from the film Positively False: Birth of a Heresy.

"...HIV has never been isolated. Each assumption has been postulated only by indirect means...Every single prediction of the HIV theory has failed...There is no way to test for HIV, because all of the tests are based on indirect markers, none of which have been validated..."


HIV Does Not Exist

July 2012
— In an interview with Jane Bürgermeister, the Austrian biologist and researcher Christl Meyer provides scientific evidence that the so called "HIV-virus", which is claimed to be the cause of AIDS, does not exist. In the interview, Meyer explains the fallacies of the current HIV/AIDS theories and why the HIV vaccine campaign should be considered a genocide against Africans and the Third World.

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December 2014 HIV/AIDS ”denialism” is reasonable, according to independent observers

"When intelligent truth-seekers without conflicts of interest look closely into the stories of HIV and of AIDS, they invariably come to the same conclusion: “HIV” has never been shown to cause “AIDS"  — Professor Henry Bauer


October 2014 — The CDC Knows Less Than It Asserts About Ebola

Estimates about "Ebola cases" in West Africa are highly suspect...The broad clinical definition of Ebola is too nonspecific and unreliable to claim a unique virus caused them. — Charles Geshekter

October 2014 — Joan Shenton

Condolences for the family of Alfredo Embid and all those whose lives he touched.

Alfredo Embid was a visionary. He was generous and self-effacing and the first person in Spain to support the early days of AIDS dissidence — Peter Duesberg’s challenge to “HIV” as the cause of AIDS and later the work of the Perth Group on the non-isolation if “HIV”.


September 23, 2014Questioning the HIV-AIDS hypothesis: 30 years of dissent, by Patricia Goodson: “The HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake”, wrote Kary Mullis in 1996. Mullis – Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1993 – and other distinguished scientists have claimed the HIV-causes-AIDS hypothesis is false, unproductive, and unethical.


December 10, 2013Mandela's Conscience Lives: In Thabo Mbeki
When former South African president, Thabo Mbeki, arrived to a hero's welcome for Nelson Mandela's memorial service, he was bestowed by the crowd with the mantle of Mandela's Conscience...Mbeki made the very reasonable case that the science behind HIV-AIDS medications was disputed by many respected medical professionals and scientists. He set up a commission of inquiry and invited the mainstream and dissenting scientists to debate. That's how science works, explained Mbeki...


I am very sad to have to let you know that my beloved wife Charlotte passed away ... She had been suffering for nearly a year from severe anemia, pancytopenia, as well as from a drop in her rate of hemoglobin ... Such conditions have nothing at all to do with a viral infection, but result from bone marrow and kidney deficiencies, which are the long-term side effects of the antiretroviral drug (ARV) treatments Charlotte received from 1993 to 2007...
Pol Dubart, Liège, Belgium, November, 2013

British Couple Rejects ARVs for HIV+ Baby After Serious Side Effects Emerge

April 30, 2013 — A family in the U.K. discontinued doctor-recommended drug treatments for its "HIV-positive" baby after several months, based on the serious and worrying side effects that began to emerge within hours of starting them...After withdrawal of treatment, her normal growth returned and the side effects ceased.

March 19, 2013

Aids: Anomalies and Contradictions
Professor Charles Geshekter

African scientists and policymakers should familiarise themselves with the body of literature that demonstrates the contradictions, anomalies and inconsistencies in the conventional view of Aids. Africa has suffered from numerous real wars over the past 30 years, but a prism called “the war on Aids” continues to distort its public health landscape. It is time for a critical look at Aids in Africa. African scientists and policy-makers should familiarise themselves with the literature that demonstrates the contradictions, anomalies and inconsistencies in the conventional view that the symptoms of Aids are caused by a single viral infection.


In 2012, activists organized a conference concerning HIV/AIDS issues in the village of Vers-Pont-du-Gard in the south of France. They produced a Declaration named after the famous Roman monument near the village where they met. They made the following demands...

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